1979 Honda PA50 Problem

Hello, I have a 1983 Honda PA50II but with a 79' engine swap. I had an Ignition problem but I later fixed that. The engine still does not start. When I start it nothing comes out but gas. Should I disassemble the engine and clean it out? It has a New spark plug. I have not drained out the carb "bowl" at the bottom. Thanks for the help in advance!

Re: 1979 Honda PA50 Problem

Please I need help!

Re: 1979 Honda PA50 Problem

sounds like your timming is off --reset it..

Re: 1979 Honda PA50 Problem

Please give us more info.

When you turn on the gas and then crank the pedals, what happens? Nothing?

You say gas is coming out. Coming out where? Carb overflow pipe? Exhaust?

Have you checked the spark plug for a spark? Have you set the timing?

Let us know.

Re: 1979 Honda PA50 Problem

Does anyone have any info on how to set my timing?

Re: 1979 Honda PA50 Problem

Theres alot of gas comming out when I try to start it.

Re: 1979 Honda PA50 Problem

out of what?

like what specific part of the moped?

the muffler?

the carb?

the gas tank?

There is an article called Fred's guide in the article section of this site- it has good general info, and is specifically about the honda PA50- that's what Fred rides.

you probably need to clean the carburator, or at least check your lines. The needle on the float (inside the carburator) may be stuck open and allowing gas to flow out.

Re: 1979 Honda PA50 Problem

Alot of gas comes out of the muffler.

Re: 1979 Honda PA50 Problem

It sounds like the carburetor is flooding the engine badly.

This is caused by the float needle not shutting off the fuel when the float bowl gets full.

Unfortunately, you will have to remove the engine to get to the carb. Clean the carb thoroughly. You might just have a piece of dirt in the valve seat. It i also possible that the float has a hole in it and has filled with fuel, dropping it to the bottom aand causing the flooding.

Re: 1979 Honda PA50 Problem

I already disassembled the engine and cleaned out the jets with a air gun and im leaving the carb in gas overnight. Also, the engine I have now has a single Reed setup but I have my old setup from my 83' PA50 which has dual Reed setup. Everything looks like it fits but will the engine gain any performance? Thanks for the help guys!

Re: 1979 Honda PA50 Problem

so you went with what sounds like a 25 mph motor instead of the 30 mph motor.

Was the bike you took the motor off of a red 78?

in 78 red=25mph. yellow=30.

in the 80's they painted them different colors.

I'm still kind of wondering how a lot of gas is flowing out your muffler, when the carb is attached to the back of the crank case, with a reed valve.

Have you tried cleaning the muffler out with something?

Do you have spark? test it by holding the plug against the cooling fins while you pedal.

here is Fred's guide:


Other than that, search for PA50I and PA50II information.

I know you are 14 (according to your profile) but you need to look for information. It'll help you out more in the long run.

Re: 1979 Honda PA50 Problem

I couldnt find any 83' engines so i was forced to go with the 78'. I opened up the engine and found that the piston has a few gashes going down it. When you run your finger on them its pretty deep.

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