lazer carb

I am in awe of how I can mess things up sometimes. The metal arm that connects to the carb from the throttle cable has broken off. S there is a piece of the arm stuck in the carb where the thread is. If there is a way to get that out of there that would be nice so if there areany suggestions let me know.

Re: lazer carb

the part in the pic is called the guide fot the throttle cable #6560


Re: lazer carb

i would stick somthing down there like a file, and then put pressure on the thing in there and start to twist? or you can try needle nose pliers, or somthing to stick in the whole to twist it out

Re: lazer carb

yah, somthing similar happened to me, because i am a clutz, and i put my needle nose pliars into the whole, opened them up, and twisted the broken peice out.

Re: lazer carb

They also make easy outs for that type of thing. Automotive stores carry them.

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