Help with 84 puch cobra

Hi and thanks for checking this out.

I've got a cobra with a 15/15 bing and a proma circut exhaust and it's four stroking like none other. Fred's guide didn't tell me about 4 stroking. Do i need to down jet during a carb rebuild? Also the head light is dangerously dim. How can i get this brighter? Is a New bulb a good place to start? I only know many cars last night told me they couldn't see it, but i know it was on i checked.

Thanks in advance

Re: Help with 84 puch cobra

freds guide says to down jet.

Is your cobra jerking around and coughing? just curious, i have never experianced four stroking myself, and my puch with the same exaust is doing that, and i am not sure exactly wheather or not its four stroking or somthing else.

4 stroking

Yeah it's when the motor is not running smoothly... A puch E50 should have a sound similar to a ZZZIIINNNGGG and mine is no where near that. It's hesitating at the top end, i can feel there is more power left but i'm not getting it... I have a few tips from smitty at mra so i'll work on that tonight if i can.

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