Carburetor mappings/ drawings HELP!!!!!!!!!!

I need to find a carburetor mappings or drawings of a 1982 Nu50 Urban Express . I took it apart to clean out some rust buildup in there from the fuel tank. while taking it apart, i didnt remember which piece went where and my buddy that did it with me is gone plus im totally engine stupid. If anyone has the maual and is willing to scan it or knows somebody with it , it would be greatly appreciated if you would contact me at Thank you for your time.

Re: Carburetor mappings/ drawings HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Jonas Quimby /

You can get diagrams from

The Express series uses a very simple carb, so once you see a picture you shouldnt have any trouble.

Be sure to reset your adjustment screws when you're done!

Carburetor mappings/ drawings HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

N ick, why ask the same question 3 times? Jim.

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