I need someone to please give me a carburetor mapping or drawing of a Honda Urban express Nu 50(1982), Please!!!!!! I had to take it apart to clean out some rust from the gas tank that had ended up in there. I dont have the time or money to go out and buy me a manual Email me i would be greatly thankful. you dont know how much I need this!


okay --what did you do!---tore it apart--with out making a drawing of how it all goes back togeather!! always make a drawing of your motor when you tear things apart--same with the wires --make a little drawing of where they go...where was the fuel filter on this thing --sounds like it didnt do its job...okay--yes ive been there- learned the hard way..back yourself up--its the only way...

sorry didn"t mean to rant and rave--later..............hiker.


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