QT50 Speedo help/parts wanted

I'm having some problems with the speedometer of my QT50. The plastic ring gear that sits inside the brake shoes is pretty well destroyed. I've checked bikebandit.com and other yamaha dealers and none of them can get that part, so I'm desperately in need of a used one (or a new one stashed away in somebodies collection) or some other way to fix this broken speedo gear. If you look at the parts diagram it is on the front wheel micro fiche part #11. Is there anyone out there with a QT50 with a broken speedometer that would be willing to take out their plastic speedo gear and sell it to me (it's easy to take out)? If so please e-mail me mholmes@rangenet.com

Re: QT50 Speedo help/parts wanted

Are the actual gears stripped or are the ear tabs just torn off?

My ears got torn off when somebody replaced the brakes and just slammed the wheel back on to the hub.

I drilled two holes through the upper flange of the gear and inserted a piece of stainless welding rod that I bent to approxamate the shape of the ears so it would engage the wheel. It works fine.


Re: QT50 Speedo help/parts wanted

If you don't want to keep the bike original you can always go with a bike speedo. there more accurate also. It will also illiminate a lot of wires as well as some space on the bars. I use a Sigma which is good up to 180 mph on my motorcycle. I don't have one on my moped yet but someday. Since it goes under 40 or so I would think most any bike computer would work. I have a QT, but don't have any spare parts otherwise I'd sell you a gear. JUst a suggestion. Not sure what your intentions are of keeping it totally stock.

Re: QT50 Speedo help/parts wanted

The gears have some spots where it looks like it jammed and the ear tabs are broken off too. I found a guy who had a bunch of parts that I needed including the ring gear, so I'm getting that.

I've kind of been planning on getting a bike speedometer for it anyways, I'd just like to have the stock one working because I'm not going to ditch the speedo mainly because it houses the key and I kind of like the idiot lights too. The QT is FAR from original. Once I get everything on it striahgtened out, I'll let you guys know how everything turns out. I'm a hardcore snmowmobile and dirtbike guy that went at the moped modding in a little different direction than most......

Re: QT50 Speedo help/parts wanted

i need a piston does anyone have one?

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