ciao headlight and idle questions

I've been riding my vespa ciao around after fixing a few things up, but only during the day right now, because whenever i turn the headlight switch on, it kills the ped. any thoughts?

the light definitly works, because when i switch it on and start to peddle with it on the stand it starts to illuminate. is this some sort of wire grounding issue? if so, is there a common one related to this happening.

question #2 is, how do i adjust the idle speed of my ciao. what nut/screw/etc do i adjust. currently after start up, the back wheel is spinning rapidly and wants to go go go! i hear that you can adjust the idle speed so that the back wheel remains still at no throttle. is this true or preferred?


Re: ciao headlight and idle questions

Bruce Wilkinson /

The idle can be adjusted by turning the screw with the spring on the side of the carb. You'll have to take the right side cover of and reach through a hole in the frame..Out to slow, in to make faster.

You must have a short in the wiring somewhere.

Re: ciao headlight and idle questions

thanks for the help. i'll look into that.

Re: ciao headlight and idle questions

You can adjust the idle to make the back tire sit still while it is idling. You just have to start the moped up and keep adjusting the screw until it is idling nicely and you have no movement in your back tire. I'm not sure if all brands can do that, but I know my Trac can sit and idle without the back tire spinning at all. Also, for the light issue, I'd check the wires that run to your headlight. You may have a ground wire touching when you flip the switch on.

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