vespa grande-HElp!

hello guys.. Does anyone have any idea how to clean the gas tank on this vespa grande?? I like sound of the muriatic acid method but the problem here is that the tank is part of the frame.. any ideas??

Here is a pic to get an idea..




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I would also like to know. I noticed a thin amount of rust in mine just before I filled it the other day.


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not able to help on the tank cleaning, but I was wondering where you got the windshield at?

Re: vespa grande-HElp!

Bruce Wilkinson /

I cleaned a Ciao and Si tank. The petcock on a Grande is in an odd place , hard to reach as I remember. Any muriatic acid that gets on paint will ruin the paint and it also is so strong it eats holes in the tank. I would drain the tank and remove the petcock. Plug the hole with a rubber stopper and fill the tank with vinager and water and let it sit a cuople of days. Drain and flush with water and out water evaperator in to remove the moisture. This would be an ideal time to kreem the tank. If you don't kreem it ,then refill it with gas right away to stop new rust from starting. bruce RCMP

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Thanks, bruce RCMP

I'm doing it right now...

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