minarelli v1 clutch wear

on my 1982 minnarelli motron medallist, the clutch does not engage the engine because a part is worn out. I don't know what it is called, but this is the description: three strips of metal of varying lengths, two about three inches long and the third about two inches long. each strip is about an eight of an inch thick, and bent so as to engage the engine when i hit the clutch. these strips of metal are stacked one on top of the other and held in place by a screw. To get to them, i had to drain the tranny fluid and take off the outer part of the tranny box. If anyone knows what this piece is called, and where i can get a new one, or how i can make a new one myself, that would be great. thanks

Re: minarelli v1 clutch wear

themopedjunkyard.com, will help you. good luck

Re: minarelli v1 clutch wear

It ounds like the clutch engagement arm. When you pull on the clutch lever the cable pulls on the clutch arm on top of the gearbox and this activates the arm to push the clutch plates together. If the clutch adjustment is too tight the clutch plates can wear out because they are dragging when they should be free.

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