Need some Guru help with a hard to start moto v50

So i have a 77 motobecane v50. It is really hard to start. In the morning it can take me up to 5 mins to start it.

When I start it the clutch does not rotate freely. It starts to move and then stops and wiggles then rotates a bit and stops and wiggles. Eventually if i push it enough it starts to rotate and i here that slow tick tick tick and i give it some gas and it starts real low. I then have to hold down the gas and either pedal or give it a hard push to get the engine up past idle.

On an unrelated note i have the idle turned up real high because if i dont it will die when i accelerate. Every time i accelerated then engine goes real low below idle and works its way up. this proccess takes about 3-5 seconds. This sucks with stop lights. I have to start accelerating when the light turns yellow lol.

Any help with this two main problems would be appreciated. what parts i might need to replace or something i could do maybe.

Re: Need some Guru help with a hard to start moto

those 2 things are the same problem, sticky clutch pads, and or bent clutch drum

I gave my solution in the buy sell section

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