moby side covers!

ok the ped runs great (motobecane 40 T)

i fixed it up and re-assembled it body and noticed a drop in spedd by about 4mph. not really a huge deal but im just curiouse?

i was thinking that since the air box is on the side, the side cover actually is restricting my air intake? this thought only comes because i noticed how close the cover is to the box, it is almost touching it.

any thoughts about wether or not this will hurt my ped?

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See Ya Moped Army /

That wouldn't affect it.

Re: moby side covers!

No, side covers should not affect air intake.

ride it without the covers and I doubt you will go faster

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thats strange, like i said with them off i was reading 30 plus 1 or 2 mph. now with them on i am barely able to hit 30

maybe its something else but its wierd. i rode it this morning and then put the covers on and noticed a difference

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It could be the temperature difference, and if you rode it with the light on, it definitely drains power... maybe those are it?

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oh good call i think i was running with the light on... i dont remember though im riding 15 mi. to work tomorrow so ill let you know what happens with the lights definetly off


Re: moby side covers!

Lights are on a different coil, they should not affect ignition.

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Well, the lighting coil is seperate from the magneto exciter coil (on most models), but the power used to run the light has to come from somewhere - and of course, that's the engine.

Assuming the light is 25 watts, then 25 watts = 0.0335255522 horsepower, or about 3/100ths of a HP. If the coil is about 70% efficient, then it's probably taking about 5/100ths of a HP off of the engine.

If you have a 1HP engine, that's 5% of your available horsepower.

Wonder if that can actually make a difference? Anyway, just thinking..

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it sounds like it could, i mean you are starting off with a minimal amount of power so taking anything away from that could have an effect.

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But that power is generated weather you are using it or not.

When you turn the lights off, the coils magnet does not lose its magnetism.

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Actually, that's not the case. The system does still generate voltage, but since there is no load (light is off) no current flows, and no power is produced by the coil, or taken off of the engine. Due to the imperfect nature of coils, some power is always created - and lost as heat in the coil itself - but it's a tiny fraction of the power drawn by the lights & accessories.

You can see this same effect in a car, with a loose or worn out alternator belt. The belt seems fine, when there is little electrical load, but turn on the lights, radio, heater fan, rear window defroster, etc. and the belt can begin to slip & squeal.

The load that the alternator or generator presents to the engine increases with the amount of current (and hence, power) that it must supply.

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I admit I may not have a correct understanding of things here.

But it is a differrent coil (aka different generator)

I agree with the car analogy, because the car has only one generator coil which supplies all the electricity for the car.

The only effect the lighting coil has on the ignition system is that its magnet is creating some physical drag on the flywheel, is that drag any less when the lights are off?

This would be a interesting topic for a new forum

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Dr. M Legendre /


_The only effect the lighting coil has on the ignition system is that its magnet is creating some physical drag on the flywheel, is that drag any less when the lights are off?_

That's exactly right. The coil creates some drag on the flywheel, which consumes sone of the engine's power. I didn't mean to give the impression that the lighting coil had a more direct, electrical connection to the ignition.

The more current (and power) you try to draw from any coil in the magneto, the more that coil tries to suppress the rotation of the engine.

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Hum.. Good info I learned something new today

lets bring this forum back around to side covers

They are so pretty... and metal...and in the way all the time...

Ahh. side covers

Re: moby side covers!


Re: moby side covers!

that was a nice lesson boys haha

so I am still not sure as to why i lost speed? hat right now is not my main issue though, i could care less about the speed. if i could get this guy going again that would kick ass!!!

i get it going after much peddaling and then it will idle real scary and die... any ideas? the spark is fine but it will still not spark correctly from time to time. i put in a copped cable but i still cant get it going correctly

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Idles real scary eh? Does that mean fast?

Sounds like the throttle valve is pinned in the on position, or you have an air leak.

Take off the airbox, and watch the valve as you crank the throttle, does it move up and down?

Re: moby side covers!

ok ill try that thanx

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