TFR wiring turn signals?

What colors hook together to make the turn signals work on the TFR Kinetic?

I purchased one from and bought the turn signals afterwards.

The colors are don't match from the moped connectors to the signals.


Re: TFR wiring turn signals?

Allen Murphy /

Tail turn signals aren't a big deal--if they're backwards, swap wires.

The headlight has the front wires and they have a tag stating left or right.

Since all the signals are the same front or back, left or right, the color coding wouldn't be worth a shit any way--and there's no polarity issues either.

Have fun!

Use the search function--I posted how to install the turn signals about 7 months ago, with some hints to make it easier to do.

Al Murphy

Re: TFR wiring turn signals?

I stayed up all night looking through Al Murhpy's post trying to find the article he wrote on TFR Turn Signal installation.

Finally found it at 7:00 a.m.

I started this effort at 11:30 p.m.

Along the way I got side tracked reading and researching other topics I encountered.

Here is the TFR post:

Also came across this info. about road trips:

And this, the ultimate race! coming again 2006.

I'm ready to ride the TFR in the Cannonball race but the web site says we need at least a 150cc max 251cc.



Al? are you going to be at Ikes ride this year?

If you ever plan on doing a long moped tour and would like a fellow rider to ride with then email me with your plans. I am available and ready to ride as soon as I can use my left thumb. :-)

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