intake / carb problem

everytime that i ride for a time like 5-6 min my carb starts to slide off of the intake manifold because of vibration. so i loosen the nut, slide it back up, and tighten it again, but it still does it. any solutions?

Re: intake / carb problem

Well if nothing else will keep you carb from falling off. I woud depending on manifold thickness use a dremmel to machine an ever so slightly deep hole that will accept a flat allen head screw.Then at the corosponding spot on your carb flange drill and tap a hole for said allen screw.HTH.Jim

Re: intake / carb problem

try usig a lock whasher--or better yet use some locktight--its a liquide like super glue--witch might work just as well...

Re: intake / carb problem

Don Pflueger /

duct tape it.

lol j/k

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