Fa50 Oil problem

I have already posted the following question:

10W30 or 15W40?

I had noted that the manual asks for 20W40 (which I can not find).

Among the two replacement oils, I was told I should use 15W40. Problem is, after going to the store I saw a 20W50...

My NEW question is:

15W40 or 20W50??????

Thanks for the help


Re: Fa50 Oil problem

i use 20w50 in my fa50 and seems to run fine with no problem i went thicker oil rather that the thiner.so if i were you id go witht he 20w50

Re: Fa50 Oil problem

Richard Child /

You can get 20W40 at your Yamaha dealer

Re: Fa50 Oil problem

10W40 is 40W when it's warm.. a thinner 10W when cold.

20W40 is also 40W when it's warm.. 20W in a cold engine.

The higher number is the one that's most important. (40W)

If you live in extreem cold climate the thinner 10Wxx will be better when starting up the vehicle untill it gets warm.

In a milder climate with normal cold winters, the 20Wxx should be fine.


The 10W50 or 20W50 or 30W50 weight oils will be thicker than a xxW40 _even AFTER the engine is warm_

This thicker 50W oil needs to be pumped around an engine or gearbox. It is harder to circulate this thicker oil than a 40W. The vehicle manufacturer will specify xx50W only if it's needed.. best to not use it unless it's specified.

You can use the straight SAE 40W oil if xxW40 multiweight is not available. But during (engine / gearbox) warmup the oil will be thick and not lubricate as well as it will later on.. so don't take off until the engine is warm.. and take it easy for a mile or so to give the gearbox time to warm up.

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