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for a Motobecane I need any special tools to get to the condenser and remove it?? I need the cam puller?? I need to replace my condenser..

Any help



Re: Condenser

i dont know anything about your bike .. but on my bike (a honda) the condenser is nowhere near the flywheel.. its mounted a foot away from the engine. So, this is just an idea.. food for thought:

If you could possibly just disconnect that old condenser and mount the new one elsewhere on the frame (well grounded) ... and connect the new condenser wire where it should be connected (very likely to a kill-switch wire), you may avoid some flywheel-pulling.

Re: Condenser

Assuming this is a 40/50 series Motobecane, the condenser is under the magneto flywheel, attached to the stator plate.You shouldn't have to pull the cam to get at it, but you will need a method for holding the flywheel so the nut can be removed - either a piston stop, or a strap wrench.

Careful with that nut, it takes a 3/8" ratchet drive, and is a LEFT HAND thread - turn it clockwise to loosen it. It is also likely to be very tight.

The parts under the flywheel are small, and fidgety. Use correctly sized screwdrivers, and it also might be a good time to go to Sears, and invest in one of their metric mini-wrench sets.

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