tomos oil leak

I have an 05 lx le and it has a leak coming from the left side pedal area. I think it is the oil lines. What should I do?


Re: tomos oil leak

have the service guys look at it.. you'll probably get a "free estimate" while also finding out what needs to be done.

is the bike still under warantee?

Re: tomos oil leak

The injector coupler sometimes gets loose at the intake manifold. Remove l.s. lower platic and check. If it's dry.

Remove the round cover, (held in place by one long phillips screw), check if oil is leaking from the connections at the pump. If leaking, tighten the clamps. I have this last problem because the plastic hoses strech with time. Mind you my ped has 7,500 miles on it.

Re: tomos oil leak

no its the sprocket seal becaue if your tire and sprocket is covered with oil its the sprocket seal bhind the sprocket. Ive gone through 5 so far there a comom problem and mine has 20,000 miles on it :)

Re: tomos oil leak

hey mines jus leakin out tha round part n drippin all the way down n it jus leaked out all my oil last nite i jus replaced my sprocket wid a speed 1 n i guess it leaked or somthin any1 know wut happened

Re: tomos oil leak

John Joedicke /

Do what Freddie just mentioned. Your oil line is leaking at the clip or you put a hole in it when you did your sprocket.

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