Puch 77 Maxi carb problems

Nathaniel Wood /

So my bike overheated, and i decided to try and figure out how to make the fuel richer. I couldnt. Its a maxi 77, do these have a way to adjust that?

ALSO i cleaned out my carb, and now it wont run with the idle screw in at all. As if it is only getting oxygen through the screw hole... any ideas?? thanks

Re: Puch 77 Maxi carb problems

The apparent cause of overheating might be a lack of fuel, but the root cause would be something like a dirty carburetor. The cure wouldn't be to increase fuel flow.. the cure would be to clean the carburetor.

If the carb is truely clean and reassembled properly it won't have the kind of problem you describe.

Describe as best you can what was the result of the engine overheating? and exactly what happened during that time?

Re: Puch 77 Maxi carb problems

Nathaniel Wood /

Well, I took the carburator off and cleaned it with carb cleaner, so it is possible that it somehow got more gunked up, so would it need to be getting oxygen through the screw hole?

I recently had gotten a biturbo for my puch, an i had a motorcycle shop put it on, and they said i was all set. Acceleration had been miserable, and it had been getting harder and harder to restart. After the exhaust was put on, it ran about 32. I was driving to work, and it felt like the engine seized, twice. Though it started back up and i have not had problems since. I assume that the fuel to air ratio as not good for the new exhaust.

I thought that it would overheat with the new exhaust if they had no actually rejetted it for me, and they may not have.

After cleaning the carb it started much easier, first kick- but if the idle screw is in it, or anything covers that hole it will not run, it will stall. Could it be that my clutch cable is not in right? Should i just try reassmbling the carb?

Re: Puch 77 Maxi carb problems

I don't think that 32 mph is too much for the carburetor and jet. That's only 2mph more than with the stock exhaust. The carburetor is not so suddenly going to run out of fuel and starve the engine so it overheats because on an extra 2 mph.

If you were running closer to 36 or more MPH, there's a chance it was running lean due to inadequate carburation.

Im gonna suggest that you reinstall the stock exhaust until you get that carburetor straightened out. It's far more difficult to solve 3 or 4 problems at once than it is to start from scratch and work systematically, correct one thing at a time. The performance pipe just confuses things and may be adding it's own peculiar problems.

Then go to the Articles section in Resources (above) and find Fred's Guide and give the bike a tune-up. If you don't have a manual, go HERE and grab all the Puch manuals.. learn how to adjust cables, assemble the carb and other stuff.

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