Motobecane 50 wont idle

It starts up relatively easily, and it runs really good. But if I come to a complete stop it just dies. The throttle adjustment is all the way out, and the adjustment on the carb is all the way in. What else could be causing this?



Gurtner idle circuit

take off the carb, look through the intake, after the diffuser are 2 little holes, thoses are your idle circuit holes, they get gunked up easilly.

with carb taken apart make sure you can squirt carb cleaner through the higher hole in the bowl, it should come flying out the top of the carb (watch out),

then shoot carb cleaner down the hole closest to where the airbox mounts, it should come up through the idle circuits I mentioned earlier. strip a piece of copper wire to poke through the holes if they are super stuck.

there is also a small screw under the idle circuit that can be removed for cleaning.

If you are not using an inline fuel fiter, then get one right away (lawnmower supply available at napa)

I just had a moby that was not sparking well at idle, I trimmed the spark plug wire at both ends, and made a nice new connection to the coil and cap, It fixed the problem.

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