Ramzey problem

I have a problem here... My ramzey tops only 25 kmph (16 mph) on the road (when it worked properly it could easily top 40 kmph (25 mph)... And since i do not know much about motors i do not know what to do... But one thing is sure... It has gone 2200 km (1375 miles) and i have never maintenanced the motor ever since i bought it...

And i have bought a new sparking plug, but the problem remains... And when i look at the carburetor it looks quite dirty... maybe the problem lies in the carburetor that slows down my moped? If the problem is in the carburetor, how can i fix it then??

Re: Ramzey problem

It seems that you were not destined to be the first human being in history to run a bike 1,376 miles without some maintainance.. We will have to wait for the Chosen One.

Try reading and following FREDs GUIDE and give the bike some overdue attention. If, after it's been tuned up and the problem continues, come back here..

Carb cleaning hints can be "Searched" in this forum (use the Search link above). There's no easy or fast way to clean a carb properly. Trying to do it an easy or fast way always seems to turn out to be more difficult and to take longer.

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