hello, has anyone ever used that stuff that comes in a can that fixes a flat tire? if so how does it hold up? thanks

Re: fix-a-flat?

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

If used per directions It will fill small leaks in tubless tires. I have never used it with tubes. Jim.

Re: fix-a-flat?

Most of those fix a flat cans say on the back directions DO NOT USE ON BICYCLES WITH TUBES. But I suppose it can get you out of a jam if you are miles from home.

Re: fix-a-flat?

It will only work with either tubeless tires,or those REALLY thick puncture resistant tubes,and then only sometimes,and usually not for very long.It will NOT work with regular tubes,because there is not enough surface area for it to seal against.You're way better off carrying a patch kit,and a mountain bike pump.

Re: fix-a-flat?

I have had great success with the item and wouldn't ride my 12 speed or 'ped without carrying one. The least they have ever done is get me home from a trip.

Bell makes a small model for bikes that will fit between the spokes. I now carry a large size inflater with a flexible tube on all my bikes.

I also use these to permanently repair slow leaks in tubes.

The cheap ones for autos without a flexible nozzle will not fit between bicycle spokes, but can be used to inject into a bike tube to fix a slow leak.

I have never had success with the Green Slime stuff in a high pressure tube.

Re: fix-a-flat?

the Slime is some kinda silcone or something.. if you use it on a normal puncture it may work.. But sometimes a nail will go through both sides of the tube while the flat tire is slowing to a stop.. The Slime is thrown out by centrifugal force and may not clog a hole on the inside of the tire diameter.

But if you, at some later date, try to get a patch to stick on a fresh puncture on the side of the road, forget it.. the slimed tire will oooze out of the new hole and it can't be completely wiped off so the patch can't stick.

as far as inflating i carry the CO2 cannisters .. 3 or 4 of the 6-gram bottles will inflate a 17" tire enough to get to a gas station... but i been playing with other ideas..

I tried tapping off the exhaust but there's not enough pressure ..

and tried removing the spark plug and inserting a hose and pedal-power-piston-pump-up the tire .. need a one-way valve for this to work, which i didnt have.. but i think it'll work.

Next experiment is to drive a little 12volt emergency air pump (minus the electric motor) off the running moped engine .. havent quite figured out where or how to hook it up yet.

Re: fix-a-flat?

Can you imagine the horror of pulling the rear wheel to fix a ped flat...or even the front while on the side of the road?

On two occasions I spent the better part of a day retrieving a M.C. with a simple flat tire.

Even if it only gets you home, an inflator is worth it's weight in pure silver.

Re: fix-a-flat?

I'm going to search out a small can of fix-a-flat with the hose. I've got a large one in the trunk of the car ..

i've had a couple flats on the road .. it's no big deal if you're prepared. It helps if the fix-routine is practiced at home. My last one required only about 20 minutes and it was a nice day..

When i asked for and got a CO2 inflator as a gift, first thing i did was try it out .. bought a box of 25 cylinders for $8 (?) at WalMart and played with it... I don't like carrying large pumps and i don't like pumping manually :)

..made sure my shortie tire irons were adequate .. made sure i had the needed tools to remove a wheel but also knew how to expose the inner tube without taking a wheel off. I already know, from lots of practice, how to apply patches.. and only buy top-quality patch kits.. and carry extra.

My entire short-range tool kit fits in a small zippered waist pack with plenty of room to spare.

There's these city trees that drop thousands of little spiked ball shaped cones in Spring.. By summer the long, sharp spikes harden and can easily puncture a bike tire.. and the edge of the road and depressions just collect all sorts of amazing sh*t anyway.. so it's inevitable..

Re: fix-a-flat?

You don't need to remove the wheel to patch a flat. I've had about half dozen flats on my rear tire. Dismount the tire and squeeze the tube out. Inflate and find the hole, patch the hole , put air and test it. If all is well, shove the tube back in, mount the tire, inflate and away you go. By this time your hands are gonna real dirty so wash them with some pee. LOL!! Don't suck you thumb until you wash with soap, LOL!!

Re: fix-a-flat?

hey freddie .. i noticed the windshield on the bike in your profile. How well does it work? Do you still get a face full of wind?

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Don Pflueger /

i will hopefully save you some money, time and grief.

there is no miracle repair anything in a can.

i wish i had kept some of the tires ive removed over the years that were "fixed" using fix a flat. when breaking down a nice clean looking wheel the first thing i would see is a really rusty inside of a rim. then i would pour out the 12-16 ounces of white liquid that was once fix a flat. i would then break the tire off the rim and throw it away. even if it had a lot of tread left and from the outside looked to be in great shape.


because the fix a flat eats the tire up from the inside. there would be nothing left but a spider web looking inside of the tire where all the threads would be coming out of the rubber. the tire literally disintegrates from the inside.

scarey thought on a ped.

keep this in mind when you are driving down the freeway and someone pulls along side of you in a pretty rusty high mileage car that looks like it should have been parked in a junk yard years ago. chances are one of their tires has fix a flat in it and it is disintegrating right now. may even blow apart as they pull up along side of you.

spend $6.00 and buy a brand new tube. spend the few minutes to install it. and be safe. there are no miracle fixes.

Re: fix-a-flat?

i wondered if that stuff ate rubber ever since i found a junkyard bike that had been out in the weather for years ..

the innertube rubber was hard and crumbling .. all that was left of the fix-it stuff was dried resin.. I'd never seen anything like it before although i've seen quite a few junkyard tires.

Re: fix-a-flat?

Don Pflueger /

yep it sure does. i've seen hundreds of tires thrown away over the years because of it. tractor tires are only 2 ply and get thorn punctures all the time. everyone thinks this stuff is a cure all. we would donate the bad tires to a recycling place that chopped them up into little cubes and used them in playgrounds under swings. thats all they were good for oncwe fix a flat had eaten them up.

Re: fix-a-flat?

I truly admire someone who can...after dark and beside a busy roadway...dismount a moped tire, find and patch the puncture, remount and inflate it.

As for myself, I will happily sacrifice a tube...or even a tire if need get home under such circumstances.

I don't carry water for the fix-a-flat industry, but I wonder if the Bell Corp. realizes how many tubes they have destroyed over the years. Truly boggles the mind, doesn't it?

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