engine friction at high speeds?

my puch seems to run fine at normal speeds, but at high speeds (like when i am going downhill) it sounds and feels like there is alot of friction somewhere in the motor. when i go downhill with the motor running, but no throttle, it still feels like something is going to break.

but when i coast downhill (at same speed) with the motor off, it feels fine--no unusual friction.

does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? or is this normal?

Re: engine friction at high speeds?

i am not sure how a puch is set up, but it could be that using the throttle means the engine is engaged with the transmission and the engine is turning slower than the wheels want to go when you are moving downhill.

Re: engine friction at high speeds?

Same problem with puch. Peds running pretty good now but when I go down hills it sounds like somethings not catching or something. I'm not being slowed down, and if I give it some throttle it will pick up prett good but when I let it go its like the engine goes silent or something.....frictiony noise from tranny?

Re: engine friction at high speeds?

If the old bearings are still in the motor/trans, they are over 30 years old. Replace the seals too.

Re: engine friction at high speeds?

Probably Fred /

Change gearing higher maybe. Mopeds are restricted by gearing, exhaust, intake, carb, porting and variatior if it has one. I rarely blast down hills I just coast or do the speed limit. I leave the throttle open and brake at the same time. on bikes with cable chokes I choke them on long down hills cause I don't like to seize kits and engines from lack of oil mixture

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