peugeot carb

I just added a 70cc polini kit but I dont know which carb or reeds to use. Can any body help

Re: peugeot carb

im planning on getting a 16mm dellorto sha 16/16 and a 15mm reedvalve for mine..


Re: peugeot carb

Will the 16/16 Dellorto fit on to the standard Peugeot manifold?

Re: peugeot carb

Sort of. The swingarm wants to puch the carb off.

if anyone wants to order Doppler intakes, reeds, or PHBG carbs pre set for peugeots, i'm ordering from them soon. (I'm a parts dealer for them) Discount for moped army members.

Re: peugeot carb


I may be interested in that. Let me know what the costs would be.

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