pa50 wont turn over

hello I bought a pa50 on line. got it home put in a new battery, cleaned out the fuel tank, new spark plug cleaned the air filter and still it won't start. It sounds like it wants to crank but nothing when I stop pedaling. fuel leaks out the tube when I pedal. is it the carburator?


Re: pa50 wont turn over

I don't think i'm getting spark. what is that device between the chain that the spark plug cord runs back to?

Re: pa50 wont turn over

that is the ignition coil, you can check for a spark by taking the spark plug out, hold the bottom of the plug against the engine block to ground it, and then crank the pedals. you should see a spark. if not check the contact breaker, (behind the flywheel). You may want to print off the manual for this bike at

Re: pa50 wont turn over

Other trick to check is: spray some carb. cleaner in the inlet tube and then crank the engine. If it fires the spark is probably OK.

If it has been suitting for a long time the carb. jets probably need to be cleaned. You have to remove the engine to do this.

Re: pa50 wont turn over

Is it possible to check for spark on an engine that has been removed from the frame?

I have an engine that had a dirty starter clutch. I cleaned it and would like to see if there is spark.

Can I set up the engine in a stand and spin the flywheel with a drill motor? I had tried this on the engine before removing it from the frame, without success. I had cleaned the points but did not replace them.

The old coil is working with the new engine.

The problem may be the generator, but I don't know how to bench-test it.

Any ideas out there?

Re: pa50 wont turn over

agismo, it is possible but you need to remove the coil and connect it to the generator as it usual. connect spark plug to its cable and hold the end against the engine. you shouldn't need a drill, i managed to do this by hand when i had the engine removed, may be worth lubing the piston with a little 2 stroke oil as it wont be getting any fuel

Re: pa50 wont turn over

My new battery went dead over night with the key in the off position. Has anyone had short outs before?

This may be why I'm not getting spark. Thanks for the help folks

Re: pa50 wont turn over

do I even need the battery charged to start the bike?

Re: pa50 wont turn over

probably not .. most bikes with magnetos and (dead or broken) batteries will start and run normally if you just disconnect and ground the positive battery lead. But you probably won't have any lights.. at least all battery-powered accessories wont work.

and a battery that drains dead overnight points to wiring trouble. Problems with some wiring, like that associated with ignition switch or kill switch. can kill the spark.

Re: pa50 wont turn over

You don't have to remove the engine for this. If you just take the big bolt underneath the gas tank off, and take the 2 rear shocks off, you can lift half of the frame off to give you access to the carb. This is how they tell you to do it in the manual. It's 100 times easier than getting that hobbit engine back in there.

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