do i need to put lead in the gas I have a puch

Re: lead?

normal stuff from the gas station is fine..

if you're reading a manual that says "dont use unleaded" it was a caution against using a type of refined kerosene, popularly called "White Gas" and was sometimes advertized as being unleaaded when almost all other "gas" was leaded.. this white-gas stuff is not gasoline and a few confused people tried to run it.

to confuse things even further, actually some grades of white gas did and still do have tetraethyl lead added to them ..

Re: lead?

so your saying add lead just in ccase

Re: lead?

i'm saying that any gasoline will work .. now days all that's available in many places is "unleaded" .. You don't need to add anything to your pumped-gasoline except 2-stroke oil.

Mopeds don't need lead .. never did.

Lead did two things.. it sorta lubricated engine valves (which 2-stroke mopeds dont have) and it raised the octane rating of the fuel (meaning that the fuel burned slower and resisted "pinging").

lead, being environmentally unfriendly, and modern superior engine building techniques have eliminated the need for and the use of lead ..

Re: lead?

makes since no more lead for me.

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