PA50II Random Tire pop?!?

Hi mopeders,

I just finished putting on a new muffler on my pa50II...3 km's down the road, I hear a 'pop'...5 seconds later the characteristic shimmy of a flat tire...and I'm off the road.


Could there be any correlation between the new muffler and the tire pop?

Or was the tube just getting worn? It sounds like a really big hole though...tubes shouldn't just randomly pop like that...

Anyways, that's my rant... now off to 2 hours of tire changing...


Re: PA50II Random Tire pop?!?

the other day i ran over a tiny freakin safety pin .. the kind they use on diapers. Everything was fine until i pulled it out.. 20 seconds later, flat as a pancake.

If you're saying that tire self-destructed without a puncture, something aint right.. either the tire is crumbling away or pressure was too highor too low or there's something inside the rim under the inner tube .. maybe a spoke is sticking up.. or rocks got in there..

the muffler is no where near the tire .. heat from that little exhaust tail pipe is no where near hot enough to do any damage.

I'd suspect that if every other potential cause was eliminated, you may be responsible for the popped tire due to something you did while working on the muffler.

Re: PA50II Random Tire pop?!?

Jason Luther /

im going with coincidence

Re: PA50II Random Tire pop?!?

Stephen R /

LOL I took the tire off, bought a new tube...and lo and behold...there was a bent nail, about an inch and a half long, lodged INSIDE the tube! Yep, the pointy end was sticking out of the tube. I didn't see any boards when I heard the pop, so my guess is that it could've got in there beforehand and the 'gluey' stuff held up for a while, then it finally gave way yesterday. WEIRD!

Oh well, a new tube and an hour later, I'm back on the only to find that I need a new rear brake least tubes and cables are somewhat cheap...


Re: PA50II Random Tire pop?!?

George Smith /

could be could have set a 78 puch a blaze like i did when i was i miss that puch

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