Suggested size of fuel line filter (need advice)?

Hi guys, I was wondering if having a 30 micron fuel filter will cause problems (that’s currently the size of my filter). I hear I need to have at least an 80 micron fuel filter for mopeds (it goes about 25 mph) but I don’t know if it will make a difference in performance or the health of my moped (right now it doesn’t idle well, that’s all, but it runs well). Please let me know if it makes a difference and if so, then can I get any old 80 micron fuel filter (like a lawnmower filter or a filter from autozone)? Thanks, I appreciate any advice.

Re: Suggested size of fuel line filter (need advic

There should also be a filter inside your carb, if it's the Sachs listed in your profile. I'd go with a paper filter over a metal screen one, the paper tends to catch more.

Other than that, try to get the best one you can find, the source is really not important- they all do the same job.

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