qt50 botched brake replacement?


i recently purchased two pairs of brake pads with spring for my 1980 qt 50. i replaced the front wheel brake pads but im not sure i did it correctly. the questions i have are as follows .

1) does the spring go on the outside ( exposed)or the inside sandwiched between the pads and the the round metel thing thats is attached the the cables ?( i sandwiched it as i thought the old brakes were done that way . i think?)

2) are brake pads multi directional? because a funny thing happened both pairs of pads i purchase went in one direction the first pack had both lefts and the second had both rights so i swapped them was this the correct thing to do ?

3) i noticed the grease in what i think are the bearings seemed to be sparse as i dont know how much and what kind of grease should be in there, so if any one can let me know it will be greatly appreciated

thats all for now thank you

p.s. the brake i replaced seems to work fine but i did not have a chance to ride with it yet


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