Honda Express timing question

I have an 82 Express. I checked the timing and there are two marks, F and T. Mine is perfectly lined up with F. Is this right or should it be on T? Moped does not have enough power to move. I have cleaned out the exhaust, new plug and cleaned carb. Any help is great. Thanks

Re: Honda Express timing question

F is correct; it means FIRE.. whereas T means TDC.

Re: Honda Express timing question

Crap. I was hoping the timing would be my problem. So what else can I try? The bike will not even move with me not sitting on it. On the center stand the wheel will spin up to speed but it takes a while. With the wheels on the ground the bike will fall all over itself if given any gas. I do not have the filter or sidecovers. Is this a big deal? Thanks

Re: Honda Express timing question

Leon Swarmer /

Having the filter off does effect the runnning, but usually not that much.

Does it run long enough for the choke to open up.

Have you checked the fuel flow to the carb?

Re: Honda Express timing question

Jonas Quimby /

Does the engine rev up quickly and the wheel take a very long time to join it, or does the engine just very slowly rev?

If the engine revs much quicker then the wheel, your clutch is worn out.

If on the other hand it bogs down when you give it gas I'd say get the air filter, check that the choke is working properly, clean the carb a second time and then adjust the idle mix/throttle stop screws as per instructions for the Express found on the forums.

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