Size of fuel line filter

Hi guys, I was wondering if having a 30 micron fuel filter will cause problems (that's currently the size of my filter). I hear I need to have at least an 80 micron fuel filter for mopeds (it goes about 25 mph) but I don't know if it will make a difference in performance or the health of my moped (right now it doesn't idle well, that's all, but it runs well). Please let me know if it makes a difference and if so, then can I get any old 80 micron fuel filter (like a lawnmower filter or a filter from autozone)? Thanks, I appreciate any advice.

Re: Size of fuel line filter

the filter wouldnt make a difference in performance. it is probably better for the long run to get the 80. but what do i know

Re: Size of fuel line filter

the thing about moped is the fuel system is minimal .. everything's kinda small and cheap. And the tanks are gonna rust .. and the carb are barely able to keep up with fuel demands. And the average moped-owner profile is not mechanically inclined nor is he/she likely to want to spend money on the services of a mechanic.

So they don't even bother with filters except for screens to trap the big stuff. Small stuff passes through and gets burned. A manufacturer who uses a real fuel filter is asking for trouble and service problems... for sure that filter will get clogged pretty soon and the bike will suddenly start having trouble.

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