Maxi (pad) problems

Two problems: The first and most important problem is that ever since I repaired my parents moped that was in the garage for twenty years is that my brake-light has not functioned properly as a running light. It is a '77 Puch Maxi GN with a fully functioning brake light, just not as a running light so night riding is a little sketch without my riding buddy. I took it to a no-ped shop and they had no idea what the problem was. Any ideas?

The second problem is that my riding buddy ('77 Batavus VA) has a speedometer is faster than mine. The other day I was running almost 35 and his was 44. Any wisdom to share?

Maxi (pad) problems

About the speedometer, could just be that one of them is messed up, I would think his is , as it was reading 44 (unless he's kitted)

OR if he's using smaller then stock wheel size, that could affact the reading as well (but they would have to be really different to make a big difference)

Re: Maxi (pad) problems

I had that problem with my tail light...

I finally figured out that the plastic reflector the bulbs screw in to had a hairline crack in the back that was not visible from the front (because of the foil of the reflector)

They crack if you tightnen the screws on either side too much..

The ground connections runs right through the middle of it and the crack breaks the connection!

As soon as I replaced the reflector my lights work great!

Maybe worth checking out :P

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