intake gasket

the gasket on my intake manifold was all worn out so i threw it out. i made a new one with some thin cardboard since that's what the original one seemed to look like.

now when the motor is running, i think i hear some slight hissing sound. do you think it's air escaping from the gasket? what material is used to make a gasket? i've seen some liquid gasket in a tube. is that any good? will it withstand the heat from the engine and the gas?

Re: intake gasket

Go buy Gasket Paper at an auto parts store and trace/cut out a new gasket.

The liquid stuff will work but is a mess to clean up when you take things apart and may squeeze out in to the inside where it will might with the air flow and maybe get into the engine. Neither are going to hurt anything, just not the best way to do the job.

Re: intake gasket

the liquid stuff would be good, if you read the bottle it says just not to use for a head gasket because it gets too hot

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