cannot find tranny oil

my motor requires 20 weight non detergent oil and I've looked everywhere. Some automotive shops carry 30 ND but never 20.

If i remember correctly, somewhere i read that 3 in 1 oil is 20 weight, but before i fill my tranny with this stuff, I will have to do some further research. Other than that, are there places that sell machine oil that could possibly have it?

any and all input is appreachiated

Re: cannot find tranny oil

John Joedicke /

I would think 3/1 oil is an lot lighter than 20 weight. Auto parts store can get it for you, 30 will probably work just fine

Re: cannot find tranny oil

I use 30-ND in my Minarelli, even though it calls for 20w. Works just fine. I have once found 20w but it is a pain in the ass to drive to the place, since it's 45 minutes away.

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