Installing Rings

I just purchased a set of piston rings for my 1980 qt50 and was wondering if someone could tell me where the little ring with the humps goes. does it go on the head side ring or the engine side ring. please help me. Thank you dobber

Re: Installing Rings

this thing with the humps sounds like a part of an oil wiper ring .. and i know these things have been supplied in some ring sets even though they are not used in all applications.

post a pic or web page or something so someone can identify what you're referring to.

The QT50 Shop manuals HERE do not identify any special rings.. Manual #2 (of the 4) has piston/ring info .. read all about installing new rings and reassembly and don't forget to gap the rings as instructed..

Rings are normally marked #1 and #2 or similar.. in tiny lettering near a gap end.. #1 would go on top nearest the head, #2 in the groove below it, etc.. and the mark is gonna be on the top-side of the ring when properly installed..

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