Problems with idle

Hi guys, I recently got a 1977 columbia commuter sachs moped and it runs okay. The problem I have is that it has always not done well in idle. It will die after a couple seconds (anywhere from 2 to 45 secs, depending on how long I have been driving it for that particular time, the longer I drive the better it does in idle). I had this problem before so I did a quick clean of the tank and put new fuel in it. I checked the fuel and it appears nice and healthy. I also installed a lawnmower fuel line filter. It now runs better but still has problems in idle. I don't think this could hurt it but I installed the fuel line filter in a way so that the fuel has to go down part of the pvc tubing, then 45 degrees up the filter, then straight down into the carburetor. I don't know if having the incline of the filter could cause a problem for the engine to pump up the filter (I don't know). The filter is always half full with fuel (I don't know if this is supposed to happen, I'm kind of new so I don't know much) when the engine is off. Please help me figure out this idling problem, thanks guys

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