Can I fix any of this three?

I know it is possible and I have no knowledge of small engines but what do you think can be done with these by someone who knows what they are doing.

Please check out this page I made to see the Photos.

I got a Orange and a Blue Honda Express II, plus a moped I can't identify for 20 dollars. What can I do? Just email me or post here, whatever you feel like doing.

Thank you!

Re: Can I fix any of this three?

Jason Luther /

no one can say just by looking at pictures. it looks like they are mostly there, so thats good at least. the mystery ped looks like a batavius. sweet find for $20. use freds guide under the resources section of this site, and go through each one, i bet they will all run.

Re: Can I fix any of this three?

I'd imagine they still could be fixed. Luckily, Honda is still in business, so you could probably find parts and a place that carries Honda powersports stuff would probably love to take your money to fix them if you don't feel up to it. As far as that last ped, I have seen photos of those on this site before, so you're not the only one that has one. Take a few hours to browse the photos, and see if you recognize it. Haha. Good luck with them!

Re: Can I fix any of this three?

Like Jason said the third "mystery" ped looks like a batavus. Great finds.


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Re: Can I fix any of this three?

Leon Swarmer /

Start with your red one. it loooks more together. do a search for Jax 184's guide to garage sale expresses.

Looks like the blue express II is missing a carb, besides the exhaust system problem and the fender brace out of place on the back.

Great deal.. I'm jealous.


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