brake cable end piece?

I'm missing the metal part that goes on the handlebar end of the brake cable, attaching to the lever.

I can't seem to find the part listed at the moped junkyard website. I think it's the piece I circled in red (see attached image).

Does anyone know what this is called? Is it the "cable adjuster" shown in this picture?


Re: brake cable end piece?

dont waste your money on something like that. Simply get a bolt and nut put it there. Your cable wont move. Nobody will ever notice.


Re: brake cable end piece?

That part is generically called a "toggle". Can be a real pain, if you lose one.

Never tried replacing one with a nut & bolt, but if it works, I guess it works.

Re: brake cable end piece?

John Joedicke /

Should be able to get one at a bicycle shop

Re: brake cable end piece?

thats how we do it down here in hillbilly country! YEEHAW!


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