My Honda pa50

Last night a friend of mine blew that back tire of his old Honda Moped, then he decided to ride around on the rim till that collapsed on him and he had to walk it back about 4 kilometers. Long story short he didn't want it anymore and gave it to me.

As far as I know all it needs is a new back tire and a new spark plug but I dont know what size/kind for either. I hope there are some people that can help me out. It's a Honda pa50 but I dont know the year or what model of the pa50 thats what I was hoping you guys could help me with. Also if anyone knows where I could pick up a rear tire for it that would be great. I'm sure I can pick up a spark plug in town I just need to know the specs on it.

Please help me out here guys this thing would be fun to get back up and running. As I sit now I don't know where to begin


Re: My Honda pa50

You will need a new rim as well as a tire. There is lots of information on these mopeds here and other places.

Learn how to use the search function and you will find it all! Good luck!

Re: My Honda pa50

it's a honda hobbit. I assume it uses a bp5hs spark plug (ngk) i dont know about the wheels. My friend just rebuilt the engine on one of these puppies.

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