PW50 Engine in a qt50

The cylinder/head of the pw50 is compatible with the lower end of the QT engine. But does the PW50 fit into the QT50 frame or share common connection points?

Ive currently got a YT60 cylinder that fits, but then a head lug broke off and im back riding the bus. Anyone experianced Yamahoppers out there?

Re: PW50 Engine in a qt50

The pw 50 and qt 50 have the same engine. I think the gear ratio is lower in the qt 50.

Re: PW50 Engine in a qt50

The QT50 gears are in demand for the better take off. Im looking for better low end performance, not better top speed. My question is more about where the crank case splits. The PW50 seems to split right down the middle, while the QT50 looks like it goes down the left side.

I know the base gaskets are the same. But does everything else match up as well?? Basicly, has anyone here TRIED a crankcase swap?

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