Puch newport Carb

is the throttle spring in the bing carb on the puch newport supposed to be so long??? the damn thing is like3 in''

i just started working on this guy so i dont know if the person who owned it back in 1980 put this in or what, but when i put it back together i had trouble with it always being open and not closing so i was wondering if this part isnt the right one??

also how is the needle supposed to sit in there?

i am finding that the bing carb on this one is way different than the gurtner or encarwi's i have worked with before.

Re: Puch newport Carb

also any pointers what-so-ever on working with the newport would be apretiated. i am working from the floor up, the ped is a horror show but i got it to run today, sorta, so im on the right path. cosmetically it is painfull to look at

Re: Puch newport Carb

Jason Luther /

go to mopedriders.org. they have puch manuals there. they are very informative. it may not match your year, but they are all the same

Re: Puch newport Carb

yeah good idea i hadnt thought of that


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