Engine doe's not start :(

Hi all!

I'm having a problem with my scooter (Yamaha CW50 or Zuma (or BWSR) 2001). The engine will just not start. I checked for the spark plug, I see a spark from it. I removed the muffler pipe and I can smell the gas from it but when it's on when I use the starter or the start crank I can feel the pipe getting warm so explosion probably occur sometimes but does not get hot. Tail light is working if this help to diagnostic the problem. If you need more info just write it here and I'll do my best to answer it! I'm not THAT good at mechanics but I know how to disassemble and remount everything no problem so if I need to removed something to test no problem on this side. Anyway thank you for all help!

Re: Engine doe's not start :(

Check the carburator filter.

try new spark plug

check the choke

charge the battery

drain old gas put fresh hi octane gas.

check back!!

Re: Engine doe's not start :(

thx for your input!

Unfortunately, I don,t know exactly where the filter is in the carburator :( I already opened it to blow compressed air into the holes but I didn't see the filter. If by filter you mean the gas filter then it's ok I already checked. I know the choke cable is ok and the little cylinder in the carburator is moving with it. Battery is full charge and I also tried to use another. I will drain all the gas and come back here :)

Re: Engine doe's not start :(

maybe its the compression? if I try to put my finger on the spark plug hole it's far from blowing my finger out of it I only feel a bit of compression?

Re: Engine doe's not start :(

Don Pflueger /

putting a finger in a spark plug hole tells you absolutely nothing. even if it does blow your finger off. 70 lbs of compression will blow your finger off, but a 2 stroke needs 120 at a minimum to run correctly. check to be sure your carb and exhaust are clean, all engine bolts are tight and torqued to proper specs, and that your compression is 120 lbs or higher. if you have spark, then it should run.

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