Motobe-Pain !!!

ok what the fuck !!!

i worked on this god dammed thing for days tweaking it and giving it all my attention and got it going woo friggin' hoo

it ran like a damn dream yesterday i had a blast. i put in a brand new plug and it kicked over the first try it was amazing.

today i went to go for a ride around town and the fucker wouldnt start....

then when it did start it went about 50 yards and started to choke and feel like it was running way lean... to my disapointment it just died, then when trying to get it going again i had to run it down a hill and it still wouldnt start. so i pedaled the pig about a half mile back to my folks house and threw it in the barn and drove my POS!!! car home.

son-of-a-bitch we had 2 weeks of bullshit weather and the thing would drive but now that the weather is damn near perfect the thing want to f with me

please someone help me before i jam a fork in my ear!


Re: Motobe-Pain !!!

Did u make sure the gas was on? it sonds stupid but when i mess aroind with m friends i turn their gas valves off and sumtimes they wont notice for a couple days until i tell them lol

Re: Motobe-Pain !!!

no it was on. i thought the same thing also, so i tried it in every position as well.

Re: Motobe-Pain !!!

so i changed out the plug (which was black and wet) drained the gas and added a fresh mix. this didnt seem to work, the new plug gave a nice big spark and the fuel flow was fine all the way to the exauhst where it was spitting out. so i pulled the spark plug wire and pulled off a bit more of the insulation and jammed it back in. after i did that it started up on the 3rd kick! i let it run on the center stand for a couple minutes and then took it for a ride for about 2 miles and had no problems. hopefully this wont occur again but any ideas as to why this happend would be apretiated. by the way i tried 2 plugs from the same brand and they both worked for a bit then died but i picked up a couplpe NGKs and they seem to work better but who knows

Re: Motobe-Pain !!!

you say you messed with the plug wire and it ran ok after that? Then I'd say you found the trouble.

Once the spark fails the plug misfires and then fouls.. then it won't start as you pump more fuel into the engine and foul it worse. By then you've got a bunch of liquid fuel in the engine with all the failed attempts to start. At that point you probably have to remove the plug to clean it and maybe kick the engine over with the plug removed to expell all the extra fuel.. But if the spark plug wire is still screwed up you're back to square one.

I'd get the plug wire situation straightened out. Whatever was or is wrong with it should be fixed permanantly. Eliminate the possibility that a bad plug boot connection or a damaged plug wire or something related to it is causing misfires.

Re: Motobe-Pain !!!

ok ill take care of it thanx

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