headlihgt only works sumtimes

i got this 85 puch moped. I know every1 will say the bulb is burned out, but i got it with only 500 miles on it so i know it wsnt used hard, and im sure the ligh wasnt on 24/7, anyway does anyoen kow a wasy i an fix it without replacing the whole light/ cause i don know where to buy an entire headligh lol

Re: headlihgt only works sumtimes

check the connections from the switch to the magneto to the tailbulb, some puch headlights will not work if there is a break in the electrical system.

Re: headlihgt only works sumtimes

Headlamp bulbs can become intermittent, I've seen this many times.

The filament breaks, and the light goes out. You drive a little more, hit a bump or two, and the filament makes contact and temporarily arc-welds itself back together.

A few more bumps and it breaks, then re-welds etc. This went on for months with a headlamp in my car. The last time it re-welded itself, it was good for 2 months.. then finally broke forever.

I'm really cheap.

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