Brake light...not bright.

I can't get my brake light to get bright. I had to replace everything behind the lens cover because there was nothing in there when I got it. Its a 1980 Puch newport. someone on here said it was a 6V system so I got a 6V bulb and the only socket assembly that it would fit in (for a car brakelight). everything works, but it doesn't get very bright. it would be ok at night but you can't see it during the day. Also the light takes a second to get to full brightness when you squeeze the brake lever- it gradually gets brighter but still not bright enough.

anyone have any ideas?

Re: Brake light...not bright.

If that's a dual-filament bulb, are you sure you don't have the brake and tail lamp wires reversed on the socket?

That was exactly the problem with my Motobecane.

Just swapped the red & purple wires around, and suddenly - brake and tail worked perfectly.

Re: Brake light...not bright.

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Make sure you have a good ground. Jim.

Re: Brake light...not bright.

Is the bulb you have in there the correct wattage? I had a dim tailight on my Maxi, and it turned out that the bulb that someone had put in there was the wrong wattage.

Re: Brake light...not bright.

it is a dual filament. Should the tail light be on all the time, and get brighter when I pull the brake lever or should it only turn on when i hit the brakes? right now its somewhere in between

Re: Brake light...not bright.

I have no idea what the wattage is. I don't think it tells you on these car light bulbs. it was the only 6V bulb at the store and i bought a socket thing that would fit it. should I try a 12 volt bulb maybe?

Re: Brake light...not bright.

another question:

When I'm riding, the brightness of the bulb and the headlight bulb vary greatly depending on how high the engine is revving. is that just the way it is or is that probably due to having it hooked up incorrectly?

Re: Brake light...not bright.

The brightness of the bulb(s) on a ped can vary a lot with RPM. From dim orange at idle to bright at full speed.

I don't know how your taillamp is wired - some cut out the tail filament when the brake comes on, others light both filaments.

If it's a 6V system, a 12V bulb will only make things dimmer. If it's a 12V system, that 6V bulb would be about toast by now. The only dual-filament tail lamp bulb that you find in most auto stores is the 1154.. and they seem to be fine for 6V peds. At least they work in a Motobecane.

When you installed the new socket, are you sure you connected the wires correctly? Bulb case to ground, and the stop & tail wires to the correct contacts?

Re: Brake light...not bright.

Usually the bulbs indicate their wattage on the side of the metal base.

You might try ordering one from moped junkyard or moped warehouse that you know is the right wattage for your bike.

You can find the correct wattage from the users manual, which can be downloaded online.

I had the same problem with one of my bikes--the tail like was really dim. It turned out that it was an 8 watt bulb when it should have been a 5 watt bulb. When I put the right bulb in it was much brighter.

Re: Brake light...not bright.

I have the 1154 bulb. I'll try switching the wires around. Should the brake light be visible during the day?

Re: Brake light...not bright.

The brake light should be visible at all times, when activated.

Switching the leads may make it brighter- if it's SUPER bright, you will blow the bulb, and you need a resister of soem sort between the lead and the bulb.

I haven't figured out what size of resistor to use, but I'm going to have to soon.

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