1978 Ciao Supreme HELP!!

Does anyone know anything about diodes that go in a ciao supreme battery version with turn-signals? What are some of the symptoms if these go bad? I haven't taken the flywheel off yet to examine it.

Does anyone have a workshop manual for it or know where i can find one? I'll take one in Italian if i have to?

Re: 1978 Ciao Supreme HELP!!

Bruce Wilkinson /

There is a Ciao manual over at mopedriders.org in the moped repair section.

Re: 1978 Ciao Supreme HELP!!

Current going through the rectifer only goes one way. It converts AC to DC to trickle charge the battery for the turn signals.

The symptom if it goes bad is your battery won't stay charged.

What is the problem you are having?

Problems I've experienced

CIAO specs:aftermarket sito exhaust, a 12/10 carb upjetted to 49.

Initially the battery was attached but not charged. The bike would start on the stand but when you would pull in the rear brake it would kill the engine. If you let the bike rev down after starting you could ride it. We eventually fixed this by disconnecting the brake light switch deducing it was an electrical issue (by applying the brake it would draw power away from the engine causing it to stop). The bike ran fine for a little while on short trips. Lengthy trips would result in the bike dying at a stop and being very difficult to start up again. To try and diagnose the problem we've cleaned the carb multiple times, traded out exhausts, traded out carbs to where it is stock now.

I ran the bike for a little without the battery and it finally gave up on me. I believe i probably blew a diode or something. Now i have little or no power, it backfires, and once i get it running when it wants to die if i flicker the on/off switch it will kick back on but not enough to really run.

Currently. The bike has a charged battery in it so when i turn the key the rear light comes on.

Re: Problems I've experienced

Bruce Wilkinson /

I've heard that if the brake light bulb is burnt out and you apply the brakes it cuts the engine on the Ciaos with brake lights. bruce

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