Turn signals not working

I haven't gotten the Trac yet but the turn signals aren't working on it. The owner of it currently has been trying to get them working but still no luck. He changed the fuse and the blinker unit and checked all the wiring. Also he was going to test the brand new battery to make sure it's working right. Does anyone have any ideas?? Headlight and tail light works, just no blinkers!! Thanks in advance.

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Re: Turn signals not working


You may want to ask this guy if he has checked out to switch on the handle bars ??? The other thing that could be wrong is that there is a bad "ground" connection in the wiring for the turn signals ???

Re: Turn signals not working

Thanks Jim. I"ll talk to him today and see if he's checked that out yet. If he doesn't get them fixed, I would have to use hand signals, which I highly doubt many people even know what they mean where I live. He talked to the local moped shop and he said it could be one of two things, and he's fixed both of those things, still isn't working though. Anyone else have any ideas?

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