Indian moped starting problems

I have a 1979 indian chief moped that is giving me crap. I had it running great last week before I left on a trip, and I get back and it started up for a minute and died….and I cant get it started now for the life of me.

I have checked compression (just put my hand up to the valve) and that seems fine, spark is great, and Ive poured gas right into the spark plug hole…..its not budging.

Is there something that Im missing? Could I have a faulty run/off switch, or a wiring issue possibly? The electrical almost seems to be entirely seperate on this bike, except for the run switch.

Please let me know if you could help, Id appreciate it very much.

Thank you,


Re: Indian moped starting problems

assuming there's adequate compression (it doesn't take much compression to get an engine to pop.. but it requires some):

Begin with a brand new plug or a spark plug you KNOW is ok .. ground it to the engine, crank the engine and look for spark.

If you see spark, use a squirt of Starter Fluid to test carburation .. If it runs for a moment, you've got a fuel delivery problem.

No start with Starter Fluid goes back to a spark issue or compression issue..

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