motobecane drive belt pully broken!

my 50v, i assume is officially dead. it's working 100% fine but the drive belt pully is cracked where it meets the crank. it's wobbling around and that's causing the belt to fall off. it's not the original drive belt pully and i cant remove it because the pedal bolts are frozen on so i dont think it can be replaces. anyone know of any quick fixes to make this bike ridable?

if not, i may have a motobecane 50v parts bike for sale. total bummer.

Re: motobecane drive belt pully broken!

the pedal bolts actually have to be driven out with a hammer and a punch (or something similar), so don't give up yet! the pulleys come up on eBay sometimes, or you can try maybe. good luck!

Re: motobecane drive belt pully broken!

btw, the pulley you are talking about is not the drive pulley - it's the driven pulley. Drive pulley is mounted on the engine.

Re: motobecane drive belt pully broken!

I think you can get a used pulley wheel.

remove pedal crank nut, and squirt penetrating oil down the crack. let it sit, add more, drive it out with a hammer. Heat up with a torch if needed.

But hey, If you cant do it, I might want it

Re: motobecane drive belt pully broken!

hey dan:

i might be selling the motobecane. i've worked on this thing a lot. its starts right up and runs. after a few miles of riding the thing stalls but it i think it's due to an overheating condenser. i might be selling it.

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