What is this?

Right...on my intake pipe, where the carb bolts onto it...there is a nipple sticking out near the top.

I've checked on pics etc but I haven't seen this.

I'm curious to what it is. Any help is appreciated.

Re: What is this?

Possibly the place where the oil injection line hooks up. Plug it if you are using pre mix.

Just a note- try and post questions with what moped and motor you have- some people don't have all their stuff in their profile.

Re: What is this?

Ok I will.

I dont use pre-mix :\

All the injector pipes are connected. This musta had something connected to it at least, as this is a bit of old tubing on there with a little metal ring.

Re: What is this?

Back to previous question. What is the make/model?

A photo would help also.

Re: What is this?

Its a 1978 Honda NC50 Express. I cant get hold of a photo right now, but its just a nipple sticking out of the top of intake pipe. Where it turns to have the carb bolted on, its there.

Theres a photo of a bike on my profile.

Re: What is this?

Where do you have the oil injection hooked up?

From what I remember on the express I had, the hose went down to the pump from the tank, and from the pump to the nipple behind the carb.

I think there is also an overflow tube on the bottom of the carb bowl, but that's just for when you drain the carb.

Re: What is this?

Yes you are right. But this is just randomly sticking out on the intake pipe. I took it off and the bike just started to die cos of the extra air. No clue what it is for.

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