Crackling at top speed

Anyone know exactly what makes that loud crackling sound when you reach top speed? also does anyone have rocket launchers for an '80 Maxi they would be willing to part with?...or lazer beams?

Re: Crackling at top speed

Sounds like the quantum isolators in your ion cannon are starting to break down. I think Puch recommends you replace those every 100,000 rounds.

I have a laser beam for my Motobecane, but I don't know if it'd fit your Maxi.

Re: Crackling at top speed

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Have you made any recent change to your bike? Jim.

Re: Crackling at top speed

Peter Piper /

If i take the air filter off completely it goes away. I think I need a smaller main jet, any ideas? I heard that if you get that sound at high rpms then its a too rich mix. The timing and points are fine btw.

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