Crankshaft sealing

Ulf Lindstrm /

Happy friday !

My crankshaft sealing is leaking and making a mess of my ignition-plate.

Does anyone know the measurements of that sealing or know where I can search for that information !?

Have a GREAT weekend !

Ulf Sweden

Re: Crankshaft sealing

Ulf Lindstrm /

...and the moped in question is a Gilera Touring 50 from 1975...I might of course add ! :-)

Re: Crankshaft sealing

Most european parts have the metric size on them along with the manfacturers part numbers. If it is leaking the engine/2cycyle will not idle properly either. you will have to remove the seal to check info on it. If you can locate a parts source that has seals for your bike before disassembly would be better.

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